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Richard Lipp & Sohn Gold Series Baby Grand LG-150s

R.Lipp & Sohn Gold Series LG-150s Baby Grand

Responsive to your touch, the powerful gold series R.LIPP & SOHN. LG-150S has expressive musical character that will let your best flow through. This Baby Grand creates a dynamic spacious sound that brings its surroundings to life. Exceptional attention to detail and finish make the LG-150s a wonderful centerpiece for any home or studio….filling your life with the beauty of music.

  · German Roslau Bass strings
  · Tapered Solid Spruce soundboard
  · Vacuum process plate casting
  · Soft Glide System
· Japanese hammer Felt with 100% pure wool
· Solid brass casters
· Agraffe

R.Lipp & Sohn Gold Series Grand Piano Action

The R.Lipp keyboard and action assembly is the result of more than a century of refinement.

R.Lipp & Sohn Gold Series Grand Piano Frame Construction

Premium quality Seasoned back posts, together with the inner rim and key bed, form stability for the sound board to provide optimum vibrational performance and tone dynamics.

R.Lipp & Sohn Gold Series Grand Piano Sound Board

The soundboard is the soul of the piano R.Lipp uses only seasoned solid Sitka spruce to deliver a lifetime of superior performance.

R.Lipp & Sohn Art

Over a century of dedication and development is employed in every R.Lipp & Sohn Piano.

R.Lipp & Sohn Piano Tuning Precision

Every key is individually balanced to provide the player with the most sensitive and perfectly balanced keyboard.


Keyboard regulation requires patience and love and is set to provide the ideal touch and playability for every performance.

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